Digital Fabric printing

We constantly widen our range and look out for new, exciting fabrics that we can digital print design on

Many of our custom fabrics are woven in and sourced from the UK. Our fabric printing service is based in West London. Dye sublimation ensures that  eco-friendly ink fuses the fabric permanently which makes the print resilient, long-lasting and impossible to peel-off.

Slinky Matt Lycra 

Soft and smooth with a silky handle, our Slinky Matt Lycra gives support and form, making them ideal for customised sportswear. These bespoke leggings will fit and flatter, with enough stretch and support for your specific needs. Our custom printed legging fabric has a stark white base tone, making it perfect for printing on. Colours look bold and details look accurate. 


Lycra Soft Sheen

Soft Sheen has a shimmering face, making it perfect for fashion leggings. It also has all the stretch you need to make them utterly comfortable and form-fitting. Rest assured, your printed leggings won't fade after washing or wearing, as our dyes soak deep into the surface of the fabric, leaving a permanent print.